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Name: Hollie Capper
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Warrington
Campaign: Warning young women about plastic surgery

I got breast implants when I was 18 years old and thought plastic surgery would be the answer to all my problems and the key to being famous.


But the fame never came and parts of my body are now permanently numb.


I think there is a lot of pressure put on young women to look ‘perfect’ and I believe the media plays a role in that.  


Working with Fixers, I want to make a difference and hope to stop young girls from going down the same route as me. I hope to do this through a poster campaign, showing that many images used in the media are not real.


I also think the law should be changed so that you can’t have plastic surgery until you’re at least 21.


I am very happy to get this chance to work with Fixers - to have the opportunity to make a difference is amazing.

Thank you to Holly McCready and Darcie Caldcleugh for helping me with this campaign.


Culcheth High School

The high school supported my Fix by allowing parts of my broadcast story to shot at their school.


Studio Seven

The studio supported my Fix by providing a photoshoot, which was used in my broadcast story.


Dr Eileen Bradbury, Consultant Psychologist

Dr Bradbury provided her expert opinion in my broadcast story.


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