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Name: Aaron Simon
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Yate
Campaign: Encourage support for people with learning difficulties

Since birth, I have had learning difficulties. I have brain damage and was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and a condition called deficit in attention, motor control and perception (DAMP) during childhood.


Because of this, I find it very hard to concentrate, and sometimes I do misbehave. However, I feel like many people with learning difficulties – including myself - are treated like aliens and outcasts.


I have been bullied throughout my life and, when I was bullied, I never felt as if the teachers in my schools were taking this seriously. This made me feel left out and alone.


Through my Fixers film, I'm hoping to show people that many people have learning difficulties and the best way to help them is to be sympathetic to them, not to alienate them. Sometimes I need help, but I do not need to be patronized or separated from other people.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix


Anthony Ray-Smith

Daniella Esbensen

Heidi Stuart

Karyn Goode

Oliver Mawby

Ryan Barret

Ruskin Mill College

The college where I was once a student are assisting my project by allowing the Fixers team access to see what they do to assist pupils with learning difficulties.

February 2014
Fixer Anthony Ray-Smith and I delivered a workshop and screened our film ‘The Test’ and our TV broadcast piece at Chipping Sodbury School in Bristol.

We ran interactive drama games and activities during the one-hour lesson with Year 8 pupils.

It was so successful staff at the school have said they would be happy for us to go back again to host further assemblies and workshops.

Fixers Aaron and Anthony deliver their workshop to Year 8 pupils


We received the following feedback from students who took part:

‘I think the film was great. It was inspiring for me and for others and I think it will change people’s views on bullying people with learning difficulties.’

‘It was fun and got you thinking about other people.’

Mary Wheatcroft, Teacher of Music, Drama and Life Curriculum at Chipping Sodbury School, added:

‘You provided an age appropriate presentation that was fun and informative for all. The starter activities were really engaging and your personal approach to the issues surrounding special educational needs was really effective.

‘I know the children really responded well to this and could take something away from the session!’


August 2013

We held a screening of our film and received positive feedback, here's what young people said about our project:


'I thought the film was really good. I was bullied for ten years so I know how it feels.I think the kids that see this will stop bullying people who have learning difficulties at school.'


'Really helpful film, shows how we are all equal and we all have our differences.'


'The film is brilliant, it describes how people feel and why it is important, it shows you should be treated as you want to be treated.'



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