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Name: Sarah Marchant
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Norwich
Campaign: To stop homophobia

I can remember having crushes on girls throughout my life, but I can also remember being a victim of abuse because of this.


Because of the abuse, I thought something may be wrong with me, and that being gay was unnatural. The abuse was mainly name-calling, with terms such as “dyke” being the most common, but it still hurt to be a victim of this abuse.


With help from my friend Schuylar, we are creating a “gay booth” so straight people, in particular, can experience the sort of abuse gay people face on a daily basis.


When in the booth, they will be plunged into darkness and have insults hurled at them. Also on the walls will be graffiti which spells out some of the insults I have heard.


We hope that this will give people a better idea of the abuse gay people receive, and show them how this abuse is unpleasant and wrong.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Schuylar Kerkhoff-Harvey Adam Turner
Ben Cann Callum Bicknell
Charlotte Mildenhall Chloe Rochester
Conner Betts Jessica Scannel
J'Jay Alexander Joisy Knight
Katie Bullen Katie Dixon
Kirsty Bailey Kyanna Sutton
Laura Fiske Megan Purdy
Rachel Collington Ricky Stollery
Tim Sadler Tommy Smith
Victor Dmore  



October 2013

My story was featured in the Eastern Daily Press on Tuesday 22nd October. Click here to read the full article. 


July 2013

Myself and fellow Fixer Schuylar appeared at Norwich's Gay Pride event to speak about our experiences with homophobic bullying, and what we are doing to tackle this bullying through our Fixers project.


Our posters were also on display at the event.




June 2013

My Fixers posters are complete ahead of the Norwich Gay Pride event. You can view the full range of posters by clicking at the bottom of my profile, or by clicking the image below.




Here's some feedback we have received for our Fixers poster campaign:


'Very well put together presentation. I hope it opens up people's eyes about the effects bullying has.'


'Very enlightening.'


'A great presentation of difficult messages.'


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Fixer hero

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