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Name: Vicki Kane
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Magherafelt
Campaign: 'Sign'ary School

I want to create a resource that helps teachers deliver lessons in British Sign Language (BSL) to KS2 pupils at primary schools.

I was taught BSL at an early age and it has allowed me to converse with people, who have hearing difficulties, in personal, social and professional situations.

Young people should be able to develop at least a basic competence in sign language in order to be able to communicate with anyone they encounter with a hearing impairment.


Working with Fixers, I want my resource to target primary school teachers and parents in particular. But obviously, I want to reach out to the wider public as well. 

The following groups have supported my Fix by taking packs of my Fixers resource 'Sign Me Up' ahead of my campaign launch:


Maghera Primary School


Knockloughrim Primary School


Castledawson Primary School

Ballymena Primary School


Jordanstown School for the Deaf


The British Deaf Association


Robertson National School


February 2014 

With the help of Fixers, I launched the sign language card game ‘Sign Me Up’. Below is some of the great feedback it has received from primary schools across the region.


Lynsey Fulton, teacher at Knockloughrim Primary School: ‘Sign Me Up’ is a great resource. The game is easy for teachers to understand and fun to play. The pupils are used to using card games in other subjects such as maths so they took to the game very quickly.’

Pupil (11): ‘The game is great! I like the bright colours and the different ways we can use the cards, in teams or pairs. More people should learn sign language and if they played this game, they would.’

Pupil (10): ‘It's fun. I liked the way we started with signing our names. Everyone could at least learn that so no one felt left out.’


Pupil (11): ‘I really enjoyed playing this game. Learning sign language is useful. My great aunt is deaf and if I could fingerspell, I could talk to her more when we visit. It's nice to learn and have fun at the same time.’

Pupil (10): 'Some of the signs are easy and some are a bit harder so it's good to be able to learn together with my friends. We can help each other.’

Pupil (9): ‘My cousin is four and is learning sign language as he is partially deaf. I could play this game with him and we could learn together.’

Pupil (9): ‘I like this game. It's fun and easy to play, even if sometimes it's hard to get the signs right.’ 


November 2013

My Fixers card game, helping primary school pupils learn the basics in British Sign Language (BSL), has been trialled in several schools across Northern Ireland.  


The game will hopefully help teachers deliver lessons in a fun, interactive way - giving pupils insight into fingerspelling


We’re expecting to have the official launch in the first week of December when pupils will get the chance to try it out.


April 2013

I attended the Fixers Northern Ireland Launch at Stormont, where I was able to share my Fixers campaign with a large audience which included MLAs.



 From left to right, Paula Bradley MLA, Fixer Vicki Kane and Trevor Clarke MLA



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