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Name: Sean McAteer
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Belfast
Campaign: Encouraging people to talk when they are feeling suicidal

My friend, Martin, took his own life two years ago - when he was just 13 years old. I felt as I should have done more but I couldn't.


For our Fixers campaign, we are encouraging other people to come out and actually talk about their feelings. Suicide is not the answer.


Martin wasn’t the only one we’ve lost. A lot of people in our community have died because of suicide and it’s tragic. It’s shattering seeing kids from the age of 11 taking their own lives.


Even if we get through to one person, we could save a life and that would make me and our community feel so proud.


Talking is the only way to get those feelings off your chest. If we can talk then so can everyone else.

A special thanks to the Fixers helping me with this project:


Fearghal Donnelly

Davey Cosgrove

Ryan McPhillips

Domhnall McCartan

Stephen Fitzsimons

Elisha Gormley

Louise Cavanagh

November 2013

The film about our campaign, which was broadcast on UTV Live, was among nine Fixers films which won a Mind Media Award at the BFI in London.


Click here to read more about our achievement!


May 2013

Following the broadcast of our story on UTV Live on 9th May 2013, we received some wonderful feedback.


Our story has been viewed by more than 42,000 people on our FixersUK Facebook pageand liked by more than 500 Facebook users. 


After finding out about our Fix, MP Paul Maskey called our campaign 'an excellent piece of work' and tweeted a link to our broadcast story to his 4,700 followers.


Here’s what some viewers had to say on the UTV website:


Megan from Ballycastle:

'What an absolute credit to Northern Ireland these lads are. So good to hear Belfast on the news for such a worthwhile cause. I lost a close friend in January this year through suicide and I understand totally the benefit that this kind of campaign will have on many communities. Well done lads, keep up the good work, an inspiration to all.'


Nathan from Belfast:

'Well done. I’m planning to help people affected by this. I went through it myself and it’s a very dark place to be in. I’m a lucky one who battled through it by myself.'


Colm from Belfast:

'Great to see these young people getting involved in such a serious issue that has affected so many lives in NI. Currently healthcare seems to be going backwards instead of improving and the recent care homes debacle is an example of this. When mental health is very low on the Governments agenda, it is encouraging to see these boys taking very positive steps to try to tackle this issue. Hopefully with the right training, funding and support they will make a very real difference and help many a young person in their area.'


Ryan from Belfast:

'What these lads are doing is brilliant, because we have serious problems here with suicide. It would also be great if more groups of young people from BOTH communities came together and started spreading the message that suicide isn't the answer.'


Eileen from Belfast

'Well done. It's about time young lads come out to talk!'


Thomas from Comber
Go for it lads if you save one life your work will not be in vain!'


Annie from Belfast:
'So good to see, fabulous idea! Good luck lads.'


22nd April 2013

We attended the offical Fixers launch in Northern Ireland, which was held at Stormont, the Northern Ireland Assembly building. There, we were able to share our story with MLAs and other Fixers.



From left to right, Robin Swann MLA, Fixer Sean McAteer, Roy Beggs MLA and Fixer Davey Cosgrove.


Roy Beggs MLA says: 'I am aware from local projects of the last 10 years how frequently young people know the solutions that will work for young people.'


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