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Name: Shauna Leigh-Pugh
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: South Wales
Campaign: To raise awareness of amnesia

One day in March 2012, I woke up and could not remember who my parents were.


It was completely unexpected, and it worried me and my family.

Through medical examination, it was discovered that I suffer from amnesia, but doctors cannot determine the exact cause of the problem at the moment.


Ever since the first episode, I have been experiencing amnesia at random times, sometimes weeks or months apart.


It is difficult to live with and does prevent me doing a lot of ‘normal’ things. Because of this, I feel I am treated differently.


So, through my poster campaign, I hope to make people aware of my condition, and give others with undiagnosed conditions hope and support. You are not alone.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Bethan Brook Emma Poyner
Emma Woodhouse Hayley Price
James Davies Kelly Nicholas
Laura Singleton Megan Hawkins
Nikita Davies Rhys Loader
Shannon Kinsey Stephanie Pugh

Amanda Pugh
Thank you to my mum, who is supporting my campaign. She agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece.

February 2014

My Fixers posters were screened at a launch event for mental health and mind-related issues in Cardiff. The response to my film was overwhelming and I had some really encouraging feedback. You can read some of these comments below:


'It's very inspiring as it tells young people no matter what happens you shouldn't give up as you can still achieve your ambitions.'


'If I had not come tonight I wouldn't have known about your disorder. It's really good that you are doing a project to make people aware of it.'


'You are very brave! You should be very proud of yourself for carrying on with your life and fighting through!'

'Very good. I enjoy it and it's great that you share this and make people aware!'


'Thank you for sharing your experience. It helps other young people open up.'


'Good luck with your workshops and I hope you share your message widely!'


'Thank you for sharing your story and experiences.'

'Very inspiring. I would love your workshops in Newport for our young people, well done!'


'I think what you're doing is absolutely incredible, you're amazingly brave and you're an inspiration.'

'Amazing! It's brilliant to help other young people. You should be very proud.'


November 2013

I held my first memory loss workshop at Cefn Hengoed Youth Club in Caerphilly on Wednesday 13th November.


It was attended by six young people and two youth workers, all of whom found it a really positive experience.


I am very proud of myself as I didn’t know if I could ever achieve anything like this.  I was very nervous at first, but once I got into it, it seemed to go really well. It was nice to be able to share my story and help people understand memory loss conditions like mine.


I hope to hold more workshops like this one at youth centres in my area.


Here are some comments from participants:


‘I really enjoyed listening to Shauna tonight and she inspired me. How strong she is, well done Shauna.’


‘It was a really interesting workshop. Shauna was really confident and taught me a lot.’


‘It was good - better than doing anything else.’


  Fixer Shauna at her workshop with young people


October 2013
My story was featured in The Sun newspaper on 8th October. Click here to read the article.


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