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Name: Laura Ward
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Newcastle
Campaign: Understanding Bullies

I was bullied during school and it was a real nightmare. However, I decided to tackle the problem head on and ask the people who made my life hell, why they did what they did.


Working with Fixers I want to show people how hurtful bullying can be for someone, particularly at school.


It was only when my bullies realised what they were doing to me that they stopped. One of them even became one of my close friends.


I want to encourage more understanding and get into the mind-set of what prompts somebody to behave like that.


For me, talking to one of the people who was responsible for the bullying was really important.


I want to take my experience and message to schools and hopefully change things for the better.

Here is a list of Fixers who are helping me with my Fix:


Ailish Gatenby Becky Courtney
Ben Coulthard Bethany Hall
Brandon Murphy Caitlin Cooper
Corey Beamont George Burke
Georgia Currah Giumluca Rignaturo
Harriet Mayne Ian Zarate
Jason Hewison Jessica Lark
Joel Chambers John Griffiths
John Holmes Jordan Thompson
Josh Marshall Kelly Dixon
Lewis Coding Lewis Holland
Louise Venables Megan Gatenby
Melissa Mclennan Natalie Kalendar
Olivia Pearson Rachel Saunders
Rachel Waller Rebecca Hillary
Rhys Atkinson Sally Barron
Shauna Thompson Simon Adams
Sophie Rogers Tarkan Basara


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Fixer hero

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