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Ryan E

Ryan E

Name: Ryan Edgerton
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bradford
Campaign: Breaking down stereotypes of LGBT community

I knew I was gay when I was 12 and, although I didn't find it too hard telling my parents that I was, there still wasn't enough support out there or anybody to look up to.


There are a lot of negative stereotypes out there around the LGBT community and my group of Fixers want to change this.


We want to create a theatre production that gives young LGBT people hope that if they come out, they won't get bullied or shunned by society.


Also society needs to stop stereotyping LGBT people, because we're all individuals.


We want to work with Fixers to raise awareness of and challenge stereotypes of LGBT young people.


Me and most LGBT people I know are extremely proud of who they are, but it's still hard for some to be themselves and completely open up about it. Hopefully we can start to change that.

The following Fixers are helping me with my Fix:


Maira Amen

Al-Ameen Hussain

Ayran Rowe

Omar Javed

Natasha Hichcliffe

Maryam Sajid

Matthew Peacock


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