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Rachel B

Rachel B

Name: Rachel Blatch
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Southend
Campaign: To get girls into sport

I have been cheerleading since I was 18-years-old, and soon after I began I started my own cheerleading squads.

Women are underrepresented in sport, and the aim of my group was to get other young women interested in keeping fit, working as a team, and just socialising.

I think a lot of young women are not encouraged to keep up sport, and normally this is because they become very self-conscious, busy with education, or interested in other things.

Also it is hard for women to be involved in sport because it’s usually men who are expected to continue with it.

I hope that through a poster campaign, the group of cheerleaders and I can show young women that not only is sport good for fitness, but it’s good for your self-confidence, and gets you socialising with lots of new people.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:

Melissa Witherington

Alana Shields

Chelsea Cody

Mikaela Meechan

Charlotte Jenner

Anneko Ralph

Kerry Swarie

Katie Webb

Denise Mabaleka

Michelle Nollovu

Corrine Chanetsa

Lisa Schofield

Cathryn Turp

Sky Mansfield

Jessica McGarva

Patience Sibindi

Katie Lumb

Sophie Hayzer

Charlotte Lamb

Anna Holmes

Holly Beth Hassall

Helena Randall

Paige White

Emma Harris

Tara Baldwin

Helen Pride
Jodie Patterson


Southend Manor Women and Girls Football Club  
Southend Manor Women and Girls Football Club support my Fixers project. Jessica McGarva from the Club was interviewed and appeared in the broadcast piece about my Fix that was shown on ITV.


Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation

The Foundation have been supportive of my project. Sue Tibballs, CEO, also appeared in my broadcast piece.


Cecil Jones College
The team at Cecil Jones College support my Fixers project. A group of girls, who are studying there, gave their views on continuing with sport after school in my broadcast piece.

January 2014
As part of our Fix we held a sports taster day for girls in Southend on Saturday 18th January.

Around 8 people attended - which definitely shows that girls need to get back into sport! They tried a variety of activities including cheerleading, boot camp fitness and martial arts.


We received the following positive feedback from some of the girls that came along:


'I really enjoyed today. As well as cheerleading I got to try things I wouldn’t normally do.’


'This has created a real opportunity in the community.’


‘I think today has gone really well. I really enjoyed myself and think we should do it more often!’


Here are a couple of photos from the event:




April 2013

Our Fix was featured on 'Cheer from Head to Toe', a British cheerleading blog. You can read the piece here.


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