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Name: Joanne Evans
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Magherafelt
Campaign: Road Safety

The road can be a very dangerous place and I've seen this first hand. My cousin, Hannah, was killed in a car accident last year and ever since, I’ve wanted to do something to promote road safety where I live.


I think that road safety is a major problem where we live and it's generally because people drive too fast.


I want to find a way to slow down drivers on the roads, because so many people each year are being killed.


Working with Fixers, I want to create a campaign that will help young drivers deal with the challenges on the road. We are constructing a code of conduct which young people can sign to pledge road safety.


I want to encourage young drivers to take it easier on the roads and think about what they're doing.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Cathal O'Kane

Ava Deery  

Caoimhin Callan  

Ciara Mallon  

Clare Martin  

Conor McErlean  

Cormac Martin  

Darren O'Neill  

Eanna Gilmore 

Ellen Carson  

Luke Smith  

Mark Henry  

Michael Bradley  

Ryan McPeake  

Sean Wright  

Stefan Stewart  

Stephen Doyle  


Magherafelt Youth Centre

Thanks to the youth centre for supporting my project by allowing Hannah's friends to talk openly about how they coped with her death.


Police Service of Northern Ireland

Thank you to our local police force who helped with statistics on road deaths in the region, and Area Commander for Magherafelt, Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson, who appeared in our broadcast film.


Here's what the Chief Inspector had to say about our Fixers road safety pledge campaign:


‘How many times have we heard people complaining that something should be done - but they don't do anything themselves. For Fixers to give these young people the means to, and the belief that they can make a difference is brilliant, and I look forward with expectation to see what these young people and Fixers will do in the future.'


Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland

The Council supplied us with facts and figures about road deaths in Northern Ireland, and are helping to promote our project.


Pat Martin, Member of the Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland, says: ‘The young people who have developed this pledge are to be commended for turning the worst possible situation in the death of their friend into something which is incredibly positive. The resource they have developed is eye-catching and will draw young people in, catching their attention in a way that other similar, less colourful pledges might not.’


Lizzy Keys, Road Safety Campaigner

Lizzy is supporting our Fixers project by highlighting our Fix and our road safety pledges in her role as a Road Safety Campaigner.

Here’s what she had to say about our campaign:

‘I'm in a wheelchair because of a car crash on my 19th birthday. I didn't think when I left home on the night of my accident that I would end up never walking again. Anything that encourages people, especially young people, to think about the risks of the road is a good thing and I think this pledge will grab the attention of young people. It could be the difference between someone ending up like me or worse, or staying safe on the road.’


Mark McCullough, Student

Mark McCullough attends the school at which my cousin Hannah, who inspired this Fix, attended. He is supporting our Fix by sharing our Fixers campaign in his school and getting students there to sign the pledge.


John Healey, Vice Principal of Rainey Endowed

John Healey will be using our pledges to mark the first anniversary of the death of the pupil that inspired this campaign.


Alister Rowan

Alister supported our Fix by letting us attend the Cool FM Road Safe Road Show, where we were able to tell young people about our campaign and get them to sign the pledge.

October 2013

Cathal was interviewed by Belfast radio station, Citybeat, discussing our Fixers project and road safety in Northern Ireland.

He also attended Cool FM Road Safe Roadshow and met with the Area Commander for Magherafelt, Chief Inspector Sam Donaldson. Lending his support, the Chief Inspector said:


'It's great to know that people, particularly young people, have a desire to do something and make a positive difference. It's even better to actually see them put that desire into action.’


Here is what some young people have said about our Fix and road safety pledge:


Hannah Pickering – Pupil, Sperrin College: ‘The pledge looks great, but more importantly, in taking the time to fill it in, I've been made to think about what driving will mean to me. I will remember the pledge when I start to learn to drive and try to stick to it.’


Jack Hull (15) – Pupil, Monkstown Community School & Road Safety Campaigner: ‘I think the pledge is a great idea and one that young people will be attracted to. It looks great and I think that will help in getting young people to sign it.’


Ross Moore (16) - Pupil, Monkstown Community School & Road Safety Campaigner: ‘I'm going to be 17 soon and will want to learn to drive as soon as I can. Signing something like this pledge is a good extra to the “learning to drive process”. I think driving schools should be made aware of the pledge and given the chance to use it.’


September 2013

Team member Cathal O'Kane attended and was a panellist at the Fixers Road Savvy Forum in London.

Conclusions from the event are going to be presented to the Department for Transport in a ‘Fixers Green Paper’ as a contribution to the Government’s forthcoming Road Safety Green Paper.


Click here or on the photo below for Cathal’s interview, other videos, and more information on the Fixers Road Savvy campaign.


Panel of Fixers, which included team member Cathal, at Road Savvy Forum in London


April 2013
I attended the Northern Ireland launch of Fixers at Stormont, and met a variety of Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and other Fixers.


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