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Name: Emily Broadhurst
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bristol
Campaign: Lower bus fares

I live on the outskirts of Bristol and attend a college on the other side of the city. As a result, I have to use the bus to get to college. High bus fares are making this increasingly difficult.


Myself and a group of fellow Fixers are creating a campaign to show our local bus company, First, how we are being affected by the high costs of public transport.


Through a poster campaign, which is going to be displayed at bus stops across the city, we are asking First to consider a fare reduction scheme for young people.


This would ensure that public transport would be economical for them when they travel to their places of education, to see friends, or just to explore the city.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Blue James Caroline Snell
Connor Fraser Jamie Hudd
John Denver Kieran O'Connor
Mersey Blake Ramal Royal
Sam Jenkins Venka Child

Oasis Trust

An education trust which offers tailored schemes to train young people.


Bread Youth Project

A youth forum which runs activities and workshops to raise awareness of the issues affecting young people in Bristol.


Bristol City Council

The council are supporting my campaign to lower bus fares in the city.

May 2013

With the success of our project I was interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol.


Following pressure from the public, and thanks to campaigns like ours, First have announced they will be reintroducing a popular cheap bus fare across Bristol. You can read the BBC report on this by clicking here.


Feedback has been encouraging, with young people supporting us and our aims:


Adam, Student:

'I think that this is a good campaign. I know a lot of young people struggle to get to college, fares should be reduced.'


Helen, Teacher:

'This campaign addresses a moral issue, young people shouldn't have to pay large amounts of money to go to their place of education.'


Connor, Student:

'It's a really good idea to do this project. I think bus companies and other big companies do not realise how hard it is for young people. A lot of us don't have much money and are not old enough to drive, so the bus is the main way we get around.'


Ahead of our bus fare posters being unveiled, BBC News featured our Fixers story on their website. You can view the article by clicking here.


You can see our First bus poster below. Click on the poster to download.



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