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Name: Elliot Page
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Norwich
Campaign: To encourage young people to stand up and have their voices heard

Young people have a voice and it’s my view that we shouldn’t be afraid to use it.


There have been times when I’ve found myself feeling frustrated about a decision that’s been made – perhaps by government or a local council – that affects me.


Rather than sit back and grumble about it, I think young people need to speak out if they want change.


Recently, my team and I heard that our student bus subsidy could be cut.


In response, we’re organising a flashmob, to raise awareness of the potential reduction in funding.


With the help of Fixers, we’re planning to create a film documenting our campaign.


By doing so, we want to show others the merits of making their views known, and their voices heard.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Abbie Mulcairn Alec Burling
Alexandra Howard Amber Jones
Andrew Humphrey Angelica Urfano
Ben Gurney Ben Tozer
Chantelle Samuels Chelsey Nichols
Connie Canning Connor Vowles
Coral McCloud Corey Artis
Curtis Hoy Daniel Hartland
Daniel Sopp Dan Sampson
Eleanor Harrington Ellie Howard
Emma Page Emma Talbot
Geena Clarlee George Turner
Georgie Davis Glyn Spalding
Ibrahim Olmel Isace Kennedy
Jack Shuttleworth Jacob Lambero
James Castleton Jasmin Wilson
Jason Wyatt Jay Haverson
Jeni-Marie Pittuck Jordan Knza
Jordanna O'Canaghan Joseph Chapman
Joseph Isaacs Joseph Kemp
Julia Brackenburg Katherine Nicholls
Katie Dell Kaya Brown
Kim Sadler Leah Knights
Lewis Keeling Louis Julian
Madison Alger Matthew Thurlins
Maxwell Jeremy Meantia Le
Michael McMillan Owen Calder
Paige Lewis Phillip Catchpole
Phil Short Rebekah Snazel
Reece Cain Rhys Buckle
Richard Phillips Robert Glenday
Rose Newman Ruth Grahame
Sabrina Newman Savannah Houston
Scott Nicholl Shannon Edwards
Tai Mensa-Annan Tammie Glenman
Tom Battell Tom Sargert
Yasmin Ismay Zak Nelson

December 2013
Our flashmob took place on Tuesday 10th December in Norwich City Centre. Around 100 people joined us as we campaigned to save our student bus subsidy.


The event was filmed and with the help of Fixers we’ll use the footage to create a documentary to promote the benefits of speaking up and having your voice heard.


The flashmob underway



Elliot Page is interviewed for his Fixers film


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