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Name: Ellie Walsh
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Cardiff
Campaign: To change the views people have about hoodies

In my area of South Wales, a lot of people wear hoodies. They are comfortable, fashionable, and warm.


But a lot of the time these young people are put off wearing them, as others - particularly older people - hold stereotypes about them.


Through a flashmob event, I want to show that people who wear hoodies are no different than anybody else. Just because they are wearing a different item of clothing does not mean they are out to cause trouble.


The flashmob will feature a lot of dancing young people, who will then entice others into the dance.


Everyone participating will be wearing a hoody to show how wearing them does not mean you deserve to be stereotyped.

Thank you to Stacey Oliver for helping with my Fix.

September 2013

I've had positive feedback from young people about my campaign, below is a comment I received on Youtube:


'This is a great video and people should truly pay attention. I get stereotyped as a thug most of the time because I wear tracksuits and play rap music. The thing these people need to realise is, since when have a persons clothes or taste in music been a valid excuse to turn someone into an outcast?'


April 2013

Work on my three-dimensional booklet was completed. To accompany the booklet, there was a flashmob in Cardiff city centre which featured lots of young people in hoodies 





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