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Name: Graeme Croton
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Birmingham
Campaign: To raise awareness of Asperger's syndrome

I have Asperger’s syndrome - a condition which is often written about but is not well understood by the public.


This is a shame, because this leads to many misconceptions about the condition. Asperger's is a form of autism, which is an umbrella term for a whole range of different levels of autistic-related conditions.


Asperger's is just one strand of a large mental health condition. With Fixers I created a website (Project Aspie) to provide information about the condition, to share my experiences with it, and to make people aware of how to approach people who have Asperger's.

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me with my Fix:


Amie Hooper Gavin Porter
Marvin Douglas Natasha Hutchinson


April 2014

To mark World Autism Day, I will be hosting special showing sessions of an educational documentary I made for Project Aspie at the Library of Birmingham on 2nd April.


The sessions are open to the public and those attending will have the chance to see the official première of ‘Conundrum’ - a documentary following three people dealing with their autism and the challenges they face as they go about their everyday lives.



Since Fixers, I have won numerous awards which have heightened the profile of Project Aspie.


Currently, I tour the country giving advice about Asperger's and making people aware of the condition.


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