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Name: Ariane Tayki
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Basingstoke
Campaign: To help older people get online

In my town, I felt like little was being done to help older people get online. A lot of the time the technology changes so quickly, and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. Because of this, a lot of older people are scared of going online, or even using a computer.


I decided to make a change locally at first, and began helping my next-door neighbour Cynthia to get online to speak with relatives in Togo via internet video-calling services.


Now I have decided to take my idea and develop it across my town. Through step-by-step lessons and tutoring, a group of friends and I are changing the way older people approach the internet.


It is never too late to gain computer skills, and I want to encourage people to teach themselves new things as age should not be a barrier.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Andreia Moreno
Arnold Sotolombo
Kerry Clarke
Maria Brand
Mhairi White
Tanatswa Muroyiwa
Zaynah Baeg

Basingstoke Discovery Centre

The team at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre support my Fix. They provide space at the library for tutoring. Sarah Gray, Manager at the Basingstoke Discovery Centre, was interviewed for my broadcast piece.


Saxon Weald
The housing association supported my Fixers project by helping during the filming of my ITV broadcast piece. Some of the scenes were shot at an extra care scheme residential home. You can watch the broadcast below.


The following people supported my Fix. They allowed us to film them taking part in a computer workshop for my broadcast piece:


Gordon Tyle
Hazel Russell
Colin How
Marc Carver

January 2014
I have won a vInspired regional award (South East) for bringing communities together. The awards recognise and celebrate young people and youth workers who’ve made an extraordinary contribution to their communities through volunteering.


I have been provided with the following feedback from people who have received tutoring as part of my Fix: 


Simon Antony (65): 'It's encouraging to see the younger generation wanting to help the older generation. I can now look up things online such as stamps as I'm a collector. I can also use Skype to speak to family who are not so close to me.' 

Mr Barnes (68): 'I found it helpful to learn about Skype and how to send emails. I never knew about Skype and how to use it to talk to friends and relatives by video - I hope I can remember! I may have to do another course!'


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