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Name: Kayleigh Duddin
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Lincoln
Campaign: Spreading awareness about people with dementia

When I was at university, I studied drama and did a project in a care home about how drama and music can help people who have dementia – and now I’ve gone back to work at the same home.


I’m quite good at working with people with dementia but many people don't fully understand it.


Ever since my nana got dementia, I feel like she is a different person. It's a bit sad but she's still my nana and it's about remembering they are still there.


I work with people who have dementia, there are always bad days and you’ve got to just go with it.


I think it’s dealing with dementia that is so hard – being able to face the facts that your loved one is not the same person as they were.


Even if I just help one family and help them feel a bit better about the situation - that would be more than my family got. It would make me feel happy and like I’ve achieved something.

Thank you to Carly Storr and Claire Gilbert for helping me with this Fix.

Robbie Lane, Alzheimers Society

Robbie appeared in my broadcast story and supports my Fixers project.


'I think a lot of people are fearful of dementia, because they don’t know anything about it. It is something which is now affecting 800,000 people in the UK and that number is continuing to grow. It is really important that there is no stigma and more understanding of dementia.'


Eastholme Nursing Home

Manager Jacqueline Ideynes allowed us to film inside the nursing home with the residents for the broadcast story about my Fixers project.


The Orders of St John Care Trust

Care assistants Julie Baker and Deborah Jones helped by supporting care home residents during the photo session for my Fixers poster.


June Holt and Jack Self

June and Jack kindly volunteered to model for my Fixers poster.


November 2013

The broadcast film about my campaign, which was shown on ITV earlier this year, was shortlisted for the Older People in the Media Awards.

The ceremony was held in central London and hosted by actor Larry Lamb.


We were recognised for our achievement and received the award on the right!


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