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Name: Jonny Lennox
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Castledawson, Northern Ireland
Campaign: Crazy Love

I know a few people who have been through bad relationships and it really got me thinking what I could do to change things.


It was actually through looking at the work Fixers do that inspired me to get involved and help those women who feel ‘trapped’ by their partners.


This is a problem for many women and some don't even realise that their partner is abusive.


I want these people to know that there is help out there and they're not alone.


Of course you can't change things overnight but doing something is better than not doing anything at all.


If I can help at least one person, I’ll be happy.

I'd like to thank Natasha Smyth for helping me with this project.

Focus on Family

The centre runs domestic violence programmes for families, offering support to both victims and perpetrators. Brendan Patterson (Centre Manager) and Jacq Wray (Domestic Abuse Programme Coordinator) support my Fix and have agreed for my Fixers film to be shown during two separate sessions: one for victims and the other for perpetrators of domestic violence.


Here's what Jacq had to say about our Fixers film: 'Wow, this is really hard hitting. It's a powerful film and people need to see it.'


Women’s Aid Northern Ireland

Sarah Chestnutt from Women’s Aid supported my Fix by providing key information about domestic violence during the development stages of my Fix and my Fixers film.


Ian McKeown, Absolute Technologies

Ian offered to help in the early days when I was going to write and perform a song for my Fix. I still plan to record a song after my Fix is complete, and hope Ian will be helping out with this.

December 2013 

My film about domestic abuse premiered to an audience of ex-offenders in Ballysally on Wednesday 4th December. Below is some feedback from attendees:


‘That was hard to watch. It stirs up loads of emotions in me. There are definitely people in violent relationships who will at least stop and think when they see this. I will definitely be sharing it.’ 


‘I recognise myself in that film. I was that guy – I remember being up in my bedroom after I kicked my partner wondering "what have I just done? I need help."’ 


‘The film is really hard-hitting. I wish I’d seen this film before I hit my partner. It would probably have stopped me.’


‘When this goes viral it will be massive. It’s really powerful. The images on screen are powerful but what is really powerful are the words on screen.'


'No one who sees this film, victim or perpetrator, male or female, young or old, will not be left challenged by having watched it.'


'The film get it's message across in a really powerful way. I will definitely be sharing it on social media.'


'Wow, it seems strange to say that 'Crazy Love' is a good film given the subject matter - but it deals with a terrible subject in such a positive way that good will come of it. The words on the screen are what people need to take from this film.'


'I have been a victim of domestic abuse. If I had seen this film back then I would have gotten help earlier than I did.'


Lynda Gould from The Link Family and Community Centre commented:


'Crazy Love is an uncomfortable watch - realistically presenting on screen and in public view what the reality is of domestic violence for many behind closed doors in private. What is so encouraging about this film is that it does so in a way that highlights that there is help, and ultimately hope, for victim and perpetrator alike.'


April 2013

I attended the Northern Ireland launch of Fixers and was interviewed on the day by aspiring journalists from a group called 'Headliners' about my project.




It was great to go to the launch in Northern Ireland because the work of Fixers is very important. Instead of people being in an office trying to work out how to solve a problem that they are detached from, Fixers gets young people who have experienced something or have a passion for a subject involved in trying to find a solution. Fixers gives young people a platform that they would never get on their own.


26th February 2013

I met with a variety of Fixers, celebrities, and politicians at Westminster to celebrate the official UK-wide launch of Fixers.


I have to compliment Fixers as a whole and say that I could not have been looked after any better at Westminster. Fixers are not dealing with hypothetical situations, but are dealing with real people, with real stories, and real passion to make a difference.



I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to travel to Westminster and be part of the day.


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