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Name: Venka Child
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bristol
Campaign: To teach about teenage pregnancy

I was born when my mother was just a teenager, and my sister became a mum during her teens too.


We are therefore quite a young family. However, I do not think young people in my Bristol neighbourhood understand the effects teenage pregnancy can have on the life of the parent and the child.


Many people I know are expecting children, or have had children already. Becoming a young mum seems to be a cycle and many families follow this 'pattern'.


What I am aiming to do is show how tough life can be, and how starting a family so young may not be the best course.


What I hope to achieve is to inform people - to make them realise the implications of their actions, from the point of having safe sex to deciding to become a young parent.


Through a short film which follows the lives of two completely different characters, I hope young people will be able to realise the challenges younger parents have to contend with, making them think carefully about the decisions they make.

Here is a list of Fixers who helped with this Fix:


Charlotte Stoddart

Jasmine Lenton

Kirsty Yabsley

Kirsty Philipps

Lucie Shaw

Bread Youth Project (Bristol)

The group, which runs youth services and workshops to allow young people in Bristol to express what is important to them, supports my Fixers project.


Thanks to Diane Lukins, Lexi-Rose, and Kirstin Griffin for helping with my Fixers film. Diane played the mum in my Fixers film 'Two Minds', Lexi-Rose played the role of young girl, and Kirstin is an independent film maker who helped on the shoot day.


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