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Name: Laurie Foxcroft
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Plymouth
Campaign: Show effects of parent's naval deployment on school life

When you have a relative or friend in the armed forces, you are constantly worried about them. But these worries become all the more fierce when deployment becomes a reality.


My step-father is part of the Navy and is regularly deployed, usually for periods ranging from six to nine months. For a time we had to move home to accommodate his duties and this has placed a strain on our lives.


But it is not just during deployment itself that life becomes more challenging - there is the anticipation of pre-deployment, the worries during deployment itself, the anxiety at seeing your relative or friend return, and the effects the deployment may have had on them which need dealing with when they return to the family.


Of course, this does place a strain on my education. And this is why I have joined Fixers - to help teachers understand the lives of 'service children' better so our education runs smoothly.


Myself and my team (who you can see in the 'My Team' tab at the top of this page) are creating a short film which uses our experiences as service children to show how the deployment stages affect us.


There are no specific resources for service children, and we hope this film will help other service children and their teachers improve their relationships.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Amy Marshall Bethany Grave
James Wren Jenny Evans
Kathryn Anderson Katie Anderson
Katriona Goodsell Lisa McGilvray
Matthew Reeve Rose Robinson
Ryan Wilce Shelby Main

During the course of this project, we have received support from Plymouth City Council and HMS Heroes.


Commanding Officer of city-based 29 Commando Regiment, Lt Col Ed Dawes:
‘The Fixers have produced something of great value not just for schools but service families too, who sometimes find it difficult to talk about these issues at home. The military community is very proud of these young people.’


Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Vivien Pengelly:

‘It has taken years to get this sort of film and this sort of awareness. It really is important that we get this out across Plymouth and then out across the rest of the UK.’


Heather Ogburn, from HMS Heroes:

‘The achievement of these young people is profound. From the start to the finish of this project there is not one element they have not done themselves.’

A big thank you also goes out to:


Amy Wright Ashley Jones
Bronwen Williams Chloe Sawyer
Dolton Wilkes Elliot Lee-Carrins
Jessica Walters Jore Vaitkuta
Joshua Parsons Kimberly Rock
Kirstie Grieves Lewis Vooght
Lucy Scallan Owen Launce
Owen Llewellyn Carter River Smith
and Sophie Rudd  


who all took part in the Service Children Broadcast Piece.

July 2014

Fellow Fixer Kat Goodsell has won the 2014 Ted Osmond Award for our Fixers campaign! Click here to read the story in the Plymouth Herald.


Autumn 2013
I have received lots more positive feedback from schools that have seen my Fixers film.


Here are some of their comments:


Katrina Borowski (Eggbuckland Community College): “What a stunning project - you should all be extremely proud of what you have achieved and the poignant message that you have communicated so clearly.”


John Stephens (Headteacher, Goosewell School): “Well done on such a well presented DVD. You are examples of excellence for our young people in Plymouth. You capture the emotions of a service child succinctly in your film. Thank you for your time, honesty and role as ambassadors.”


Louise Frost (Ridgeway School):  “An excellent film and very moving. There were quite a few tears at the end and a long silence! I had one teacher tell me they felt guilty that they had never thought about the service students and what they may go through.”


John Didymus (Head Teacher at Ridgeway School): “Having viewed the film ‘At your service’ on two previous occasions I had anticipated it would strike a chord with staff.  However, I had not realised the significance of the film for those staff with direct experience of service family life. Whilst we do have many very successful children with parents or relatives in service families there are clearly hidden emotions portrayed in the film that we may wish to reflect on when working with this group of students.”


Summer 2013

Our story was featured on page 63 of the aff Journal, follow this link to read the article.


June 2013

Our film premiered in at the Royal Citadel in Plymouth and was attended by Lord Mayor Vivien Pengelly, Commanding Officer of city-based 29 Commando Regiment, Lt Col Ed Dawes, and Heather Ogburn from HMS Heroes.


Lord Mayor Vivien Pengelly:

'Well done to everyone involved in the video 'At Your Service.' A wonderful piece of work. All the very best for the future.'


James Yates from the Marine Academy Plymouth:

'Well done on such a moving video. As a teacher I will definitely show it in our school.'


Chris (Royal Navy Captain):

'A brilliant film, really well made and incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking. I wish my 3 children had had such support when I was away.'




A story about our premiere was featured again in the Plymouth Herald - click here to read it. We were also featured in the Plymouth Sunday Independent. You can read it below:



March 2013

Our story was featured in the Plymouth Herald. Click here to read it.


I was later featured on Heart South West. Click here to listen to my interview or read the article.


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