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Curtis Boylan

Curtis Boylan

Name: Curtis Boylan
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Leeds
Campaign: Putting an end to bullying

Due to a car accident I was involved in as a child, I have always walked with a noticeable limp.


It generally does not affect my day-to-day health - except I am, and have been, bullied due to the limp.


Mainly the bullying involved taunting and name calling, but often it would upset me so much that I would cry myself to sleep.


This is why I am working with Fixers to create a film which will show the real damage caused by bullying.


I hope people will watch the film, understand the effects of bullying, and stop inflicting this abuse on others. It is not nice and can cause real damage.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Amy Plant Ashley Haigh
Avais Khan Becky Walstow
Catherine Talbot Courtney Harper
Demmi Robinson Emily Leah
Hannah Sheerin Katie Kirkman
Kyomi Williams Nasar Hussain
Nicola Ruddock Rebecca Charlsworth
Sarah Upton Shane Welsh
Thembie Manyabi Vicky Allen
Zanele Gaule  

Gaynor Faye, Soap Actress

During the course of my film, soap star Gaynor Faye supported my project, speaking about how she was bullied through school too:


“The worst one was the high school. On my first day there was a group of girls and they sat on the wall as we were walking through the gate, deciding who they were going to pick on.


“They literally made my life a misery for three years through school.


“When it comes to bullying, you can either sink or swim. You can either be the victim or you can be the bullied and overcome it while at the same time becoming stronger.


“I found acting really helped — you can become someone else."



Joanne Curtis and Nicky Greenan supported my Fix by offering advice towards the project and, in their capacity as youth workers, helped me throughout.

October 2013

Kate Jones, School Councillor from Leeds: 'Curtis, I am so impressed with you standing up as an example of a victim of bullying. I wish you all my good wishes and lots of luck for your future.'


March 2013

I sat down with Gaynor Faye to discuss my campaign. The story was featured on page 20 of City Dweller Magazine


February 2013

​My broadcast story was shown on ITV and received a lot of positive attention.


My story was also featured in the Yorkshire Post. You can read the article here.





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