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Name: Colette Kennedy
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Castleford, West Yorkshire
Campaign: To raise awareness of issues blind people face

I have a visual impairment and am registered blind.


This makes certain aspects of life very difficult, and this difficulty is compounded by people who do not understand blindness.


There tends to be a stereotype that you have to be old, wearing dark glasses, or holding a white cane to be recognised as blind. This is not the case as a visual impairment can happen to anyone at any age.


To change the perception of blindness, I challenged a friend of mine to be blind for a day. I then filmed his progress, edited it down, and sent this to the NHS and even the Prime Minister to show them just how blind people are treated on a day to day basis.


When I was diagnosed with my visual disease, I did think life was over. But it was not, and that is also what I hope I can show with my Fix.

Richard Finch, Wakefield Sensory Impairment Team

Thank you to Richard Finch who appeared in my broadcast item.

June 2011

I was honoured to appear at the Big Summer Fix where my campaign was supported by actor David Proud, who was born with spina bifida.


'My disability is very visual, whereas if you're partially sighted, just having to explain that to people can be really quite a barrier. Colette's project was really good.'



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