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Name: Chloe Adams
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bristol
Campaign: To stop prejudice against people who have 'hidden' illnesses

I suffer from chronic Crohn's disease - an inflammatory bowel condition which does not present many physical disability signs, but one which can completely disable me without warning.


From stomach pain to vomiting to diarrhea, Crohn's has many symptoms yet no cure. Because of this, I can be good one minute, and terrible the next.


This makes it nearly impossible to hold down a job as many employers are not flexible enough for this. As a result, I claim disability allowance from the government.


However, I am judged because of this. Frequently I see people look at me as if I am scrounging or faking a disability.


This is not the case for me and many other people across the country. So, through a poster campaign with Fixers, I am aiming to change the views people hold against disabled people who may need help, especially those who may seem fine on the surface.

September 2013

I've had great responses so far to my posters, below are peoples reactions to them once they were displayed:


Bristol Central Librarian:

'The poster has been displayed in our libraries and I think Chloe's project is important. It has made me tihnk about people who have to live with illnesses which are not obvious to anyone else. I think it will make people think before judging people and create more understanding in our community.'


Trudy Freedy Bristol City Council:

'I helped distribute these posters across the city to help Chloe spread an important message. The posters are also very clever and it makes you think twice about what other people have to deal with in their every day lives.'


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