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Ryan L

Ryan L

Name: Ryan Lewis
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bristol
Campaign: To bring together different parts of the city

Bristol is a large city, and because of that there are various cultures and communities across it.


But with this comes stereotyping, and most of the time what people assume about another area is just wrong.


The fact is that a lot of people from across Bristol never meet, and so they always have these preconceived ideas of who everybody is with no real evidence.


Myself and a couple of friends want to change this. By creating a short film which shows a collection of voices from across Bristol, we want to show everyone in the city just how culturally diverse Bristol is to encourage integration and community cohesion.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Mitchell Beal
Kieran Coles
Cheyney Brown
Joel Matthews
Terri-Ann Peterson
Anna Skrzypa
Martyn Evans
James Kelley
Alex Z Wingrove
Adam Beeny
Aime Wickson
Claire Penny
Lauren Beesmere
Macauley Clane

Creative Youth Network

A Bristol-based group which gives a helping hand to young people and offers them a chance to express themselves.


Bristol City Council

The local Council are supporting our film. The Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Peter Main, also attended our screening on 28th October, and complimented us on our Fixers film and our good work.


The Station (Bristol)

The youth centre in Bristol where I and other members of team volunteer with young people from across Bristol. We also held a screening of our Fixers film at the Station.

October 2013
A screening of my Fixers film 'BS I Love You' was held at the Station on 28th October 2013. About 50 young people saw the film and had some great things to say. Another audience member to my film was Peter Main, Deputy Lord Mayor of Bristol. He said of my project:


'One of the reasons I like living in Bristol is its sense of community. This film is brilliant as it focuses on why people are lucky to live in such a city.'


Below is some of the positive feedback I have received from young people.


John, 19, from BS1: 'I liked the film as it is trying to bring the Bristol community together.'


Tom, 19, from BS8: 'I thought the film was good and it makes you think. In the film there are a lot of different people saying good things about Bristol, they all found a reason to love the city. The postcode issue is real. For example I wouldn't normally go near an area like St Paul's or Easton, but this film has made me think about why I wouldn't go there. After seeing this film, I would go to these neighbourhoods.'

Jay, 31, from BS37: 'I think the film is really informative and I agree with the aim of the film. In Bristol, there is a great deal of generalising and stereotyping of different areas and the people that live there. You normally tend to only hear about the bad stuff.'

April 2013

I journeyed around Bristol gaining people's views on what they love about the city. It was very interesting hearing all the different things people love about Bristol. These interviews will be used in my Fixers film.




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