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Kat M

Kat M

Name: Kat McCluskey
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Cramlington, Northumberland
Campaign: Expressing yourself through the creative arts

I was bullied at school like many children out there.


I want to encourage other children to come forward and express themselves through creative things like music and storytelling.


Sometimes, the way that young people feel is often dismissed by parents, teachers and friends.


It's about time they express themselves without feeling judged or different through finding something that they enjoy.


I lacked confidence at school and didn't fit in with most people my own age and even to this day, some of the bullying is still affecting me.


My only means of escape was to relieve my pain through writing stories and music.


Both parents and children need to have a better understanding of issues so that they can be addressed rather than just shrugged off. I was lucky as I had very supportive parents. Not everyone has that privilege.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:



Anna Scratchard Jessica Hudspeth
Ashleigh Cordery Laura-Jane Chalker
Benjamin Hill Mitch Donaldson
Bethany Johnson Nikita Shephardson
Beth Landreth Poppy Mansfield
Danielle Leighton Rachel Butler
Jamie Withers Rebecca Walters
Janelle Fishley Ruth Mcvicar
Sophie Connelly Stuart Tait
Timi Air Tom Ostensti



Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project

The youth project helped my Fix by supporting my campaign against bullying and giving young people a place to go.


Bullying Intervention Group

The Bullying Intervention Group is a social enterprise which encourages schools to look out for bullying and to provide support for those who are being bullied. They helped my project by offering advice and guidance.

May 2013

After my Fixers project was shown on ITV, the Newcastle Chronicle published a story on my Fix.


April 2013

I was very proud to see my finished Fixers film being screened at the Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project, Cramlington. It was great to see over 30 primary school pupils attend and get creative at the same time. I hope it inspired them in a positive way. Also in attendance was Val Mcfarlane, director of the Bullying Intervention Group who says:


'I believe in Kat's message and want to help open discussions with schools about taking this campaign forward.'


Kat with pupils at screening



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