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Name: Martin Ritchings
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2008
Location: Cheddar, Somerset
Campaign: To give young people things to do

Where I come from, there is not much for young people to do. Locally we’ve got basketball courts and other facilities, but they’re just too small or rundown to use. Even prisons have better facilities than those given to young people in our area.


I wanted to work with Fixers to raise £200,000 to build the best skatepark in the South-West in my town.


Busy people are happy people, and without something to do, young people turn to the streets and sometimes have little other options than to drink or behave anti-socially.


This was the point of my Fix – to create something for young people to stop them being bored, and to tempt them away from drink, drugs and crime.


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