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Name: Kelly Levell
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2008
Location: Bournemouth
Campaign: To stop the 'fast fashion' trend

As a fashion student in Bournemouth, I understand the processes that go in to making attractive clothes that are sold on the high street.


However with a lot of this comes cheap labour, especially as the concept of ‘fast fashion’ is embraced – whereby lots of clothes are produced, usually at a low price, and at the expense of working conditions for the workers behind the products.


What I wanted to do was not only make people aware of this problem, but to encourage people to be more frugal themselves, to save money and be more creative by amending the clothes they own already rather than disposing of them for new ones.


I created a website to make consumers aware of the ‘fast fashion’ process and to help them invest in more sustainable practices, whether this means amending old clothes, buying second hand, or just purchasing items from retailers with a good reputation of their working practices.

Hannah Higginson from Fashioning an Ethical Industry

Thank you to Hannah for appearing in our broadcast piece


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