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Name: Luke Kirkland
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Newport, Wales
Campaign: Deterring young people from crime

I'm trying to educate people on the barriers and choices we as young people face every day.  The fact is, people who are doing well in communities could play a part in changing some young peoples' lives, but many of them don’t.


I want to help youths stay away from crime and for them to see how much more to life there actually is. 


There is no opportunity to mix with other young people and experience new things in certain areas and that’s what I want to change.


My Fixers film called ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’ aims to inspire young people to make something of their lives despite their personal circumstances. 


One thing I don't want to do, however, is to stereotype all children from my hometown.

I just want to show that young people have a choice even if all they see are people in gangs and feel peer pressure to conform.  


By going to university in Wales, I wanted to experience a bit of a culture shock, something different to what I'm used to.


Not many people create a successful life for themselves coming from areas that are known for crime, and even if they do, we never hear about them. With Fixers help, I’m trying to be one of the success stories.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Matthew Martino
Christopher Beckford
Neil McCall
Hindolo Koroma
Kayan Kalipha
Daniel Ahmedi
Deenie Davies

Lecturer Mick Conroy, from Youth and Community Work Programme, University of Wales, Newport, has been very supportive of my project from the start:


"As one of Luke's lecturers at Newport University it is truly inspiring to see young people like Luke wanting to make a difference to not only his own life but to other young people around him too.


"I can tell you that Luke has also added some very interesting perspectives on young people during our class discussions and he brings real life experience to our debates and learning. The Youth & Community Work team at Newport University look forward to seeing your film Luke and we promise to help you continue being 'yourself' all the time!"

July 2013

I appeared on BBC West Midlands to talk about my Fixers project as well as knife crime.


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