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Name: Jayden Neville-Moore
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Taunton
Campaign: To petition for a youth centre

Growing up in one of the poorest areas of the country is not all bad, but quite simply there is not enough for young people of all ages to do.


I live in Halcon, Taunton, which is in the poorest 5% of the UK. The local council has highlighted our area as one which needs improvements for young people, yet I do not see this happening quickly enough.


With the help of my friends Jonathon Monger (21) and Eden Cooper (20) I'm making a film to show the council what our area is like, and how little there is for young people to do.


There are youth clubs, but these often turn people away who are aged over 18.


The council have pledged money to our area, but we want to show them where to use their resources to create something young people want and need.


This is why we are making this film - to show councillors and the local community that a youth centre, supplying leisure and educational activities, will improve the estate and stop young people loitering on the streets.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Beth Millward Chloe Wingett
David Wilkinson Eden Cooper
Emily Neville Gemma Roberts
Helen Gentile Jake Wingett
Jonathon Monger Kirsty Venn-Jones
Ocean-Faith Skyryder  


Holway Youth Centre, Somerset Council 
The team at Holway Youth Centre support our project. One of the youth and community workers there put us in touch with Fixers.

Taunton Deane Borough Council

TDBC has backed our Fix. John Williams, Leader of the Council, was shown our film and agreed to be interviewed to appear in our broadcast piece.


All Saints Church, Halcon
We had support from the team at All Saints Church during our Fixers project. We were able to hold a screening event to show our film at the church hall.

Ky Tanton
Ky has supported our project. He helped with setting up for our screening event, then cleared away afterwards!


Lesley Tanton
Lesley has been very supportive of our Fix. She is keen to help us secure facilities for over 18s in our area.

April 2014
We officially opened our drop-in centre on Monday 24th March at The Link Centre in Taunton.

It will be open every Monday and Wednesday evening between 6:30 and 8:30pm. If it proves to be a success we will consider opening more frequently.


Young people attending can relax, talk and interact with others in the area. The plan is to offer free training to those who come along so they can improve their CVs and boost their job prospects.


Click here to read more about the opening and our plans for the future of the drop-in centre.


We’re really excited to finally have opened the centre and although it’s been hard work getting this far, it’s definitely been worth it!


We tried songwriting during one of our first sessions.


June 2013

My Fixers campaign won the Kids Count 'Most Inspirational Campaign' award at a ceremony in London.


May 2013

Fellow Fixer Jonathon and I met with Jeremy Brown, MP for Taunton Deane, to discuss our drop-in centre.



March 2013

We had a successful screening of our film, with many members of the public and a good number of councillors in attendance.


As a result of our lobbying, Taunton Deane Borough Council have approved full funding for a six-month pilot scheme for the drop-in centre!


Fixers Jonathon Monger (L) and Jayden Neville-Moore (R)


February 2013

Our story was picked for broadcast on ITV News. Soon after this, our documentary was completed. We will be taking this to local action groups, the Council, and other sources of funding in the hope that we can ensure our centre is built. You can watch the film below:




Following our broadcast and creative pieces, our story was featured in the Somerset Gazette (print and online edition).



We've had great feedback and support from people who have seen our broadcast and campaign.


Here's what they had to say:


John Williams, Taunton Deane Borough Councillor:

'Well done for identifying a problem and then doing something about it. From the council's point of view we will do all that is possible to continue the success you have already started.'


Sarah Neville, Parent from community:
'So proud of Jayden and Jon's hard work and dedication to do something worthwhile in our community.'


Paul Gardner, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Station Manager:
'Well done. Keep it up let me know if we can help.'


Ky Tanton, NHS Support Worker:

'Very excited to see what will come from the project and help it move forward.'


Michelle Garcia, Taunton Deane Borough Council Estate Officer:

'I think this is a brilliant project and the film was very good and was well presented. I am impressed that this project has been initiated by these young people.'


November 2012

Filming for our documentary began in Taunton. We filmed lots of scenes in our local area, highlighting what needs improvement. We also spoke to local residents, police officers, and the local council for their views on what can be done to improve provisions for young people.


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