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Name: Dan Mclleherron
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2011
Location: Swindon
Campaign: Encouraging foster care

I live in a foster family, but I myself am not a foster child. Instead, my parents opened up their home to foster children, caring for them since I was young.


While some people think having a foster sibling may be odd or tough on the biological children, there really is nothing better.


We fostered my cousin, and it really helped that we knew him. It is hard once these siblings move on, but you feel good knowing you’ve played your part in offering support to people who otherwise may have struggled in life.


I wanted to raise awareness of foster care and encourage people to get fostering and did so through my dramatic film ‘Loose Ends’. The film follows a young boy, Ben, on his journey through care and eventually being fostered, after his mother becomes too ill.


Using the loose ends metaphor, the film shows how foster care in any form – and form anyone – can help tie up the changes and pieces of a young person’s life.


Without glossing over the difficulties of fostering, I wanted to show families how much they can help a young person by fostering them.  I hoped to make families think a lot more about fostering, rather than ignoring it.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Molly Lowe

Eamon Corr

Gemma Law


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