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Name: Emma-Louise Marriott
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Plymouth
Campaign: Encourage young people to explore reading and writing

As an English Literature student and a writer, I wanted to do something that would help children get in touch with their creativity.


I used to read a lot as a child. I feel it's a shame that children are gradually turning away from books and from creative outlets in general. A lot of children would rather watch television or play computer games, therefore using their imaginations less and less.


My Fix is to host workshops which encourage young people to read and write. The idea to focus on 10 to 12-year-olds came from a memory of mine - I was almost always enthusiastic about English but a lot of my classmates would complain about having to read something for homework, and said they would rather watch television.


By doing this Fix, I hope to show children that reading and writing doesn't have to be boring - it can be really fun! Some children who have issues at home or in school could use reading a book or writing something as a form of relief every now and again. It certainly works for me, and has helped me cope through tough times with my cerebral palsy.

Thank you to Emily Yeoman-Cahoon who is helping me with my project.

Becca Cohen, Plymstock School

Becca was involved in the broadcast shoot day, helping to organise the filming at Plymstock School.


David Farmer, Plymstock School

David appeared in my TV broadcast, which was on ITV News in October 2012.


Howard Cotton, Plymouth University

Howard appeared in my TV broadcast, which was on ITV News in October 2012.


Marine Academy Primary, Plymouth

I held a workshop for my Fixers project at this primary school in May 2013, which was very successful. Read some of the feedback under the 'Updates' section.


Carbeile Junior School, Plymouth

I held a workshop for my Fixers project at this primary school in July 2013, which was very successful. Read some of the feedback under the 'Updates' section.


Bertel Martin, Cyprus Well

Bertel is the Literature Development Manager for Plymouth at Cyprus Well, and advised me on my Fixers project.


Lyn Chamberlain & Susie Evans, Wembury Primary School

Lyn and Susie are both teachers who let me visit their primary school classes for my Fixers project.


Sarah Thomas, Plymouth College of Art and Design
Sarah supported my Fix by promoting the artwork opportunity to students at Plymouth College of Art.


Benedicte Barrett

Bendicte produced the artwork for my Fix.

The feedback from my literary workshops in schools was positive and encouraging. Here's what the students and one of the teachers had to say:


Finnen Morris (10): 'Very, very good and exciting because they involved us so much.'


Jack Donne (10): 'I loved the workshop because it made you express your writing, write freely and helps you share your ideas and imagination.'


Jennifer Middleton (10): 'I liked writing our mini stories because I could write whatever I thought about using my imagination.'


Isabel Bebb (11): 'One thing I liked about the session with Emma is that we got to all share our wacky ideas.'


Isabelle McCann (9): 'I liked all the activities and talking about our favourite books.'


Natasha Pasmore, Year 5 Teacher: 'My class thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Emma and were delighted to see their work in print in the anthology. It made them think about their writing in a different way.'


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