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Name: Bradley Sowter
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Gillingham, Kent
Campaign: Raise awareness of brain cancer

Having had personal experience from the disease after my father passed away due to a brain tumour, I want to raise awareness of the condition, and improve detection rates.


The awareness of brain tumours needs to be fixed. There have been global campaigns to raise awareness of prostate, breast and testicular cancer, but not much has been done for brain cancer. There hasn’t yet been an early detection of brain cancer, which needs to be rectified.


I was too young to really understand what was going on when my father died. It was hard to grow up with the absence of a father. It was hard to explain to friends when I was little why my father never picked me from school. I think it would have been enjoyable to have met him and do what a father and son should do. 


I hope to raise awareness about brain cancer. It is hard to diagnose because there are no self-checking systems, and it is sometimes misdiagnosed.


Through my project, I have designed a range of t-shirts to raise awareness of brain cancer which can be worn by people of all ages to any occasion. Cancer is a word not a sentence.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Elizabeth Farren
Nicola Vince
Aisling Webb
Bastia Remy
Fabiana Tesaurd
Oliver Ball
Lucy Boulevard
Jeff Buckley
Fred Dowd
Elisabeth Borchgrevink
Charlotte Lake

The Brain Tumour Charity:

A national charity raising awareness of brain cancer. They helped with the research in my project, and appeared in the final film.

April 2013:

My t-shirts are on sale. You can purchase them by clicking this link and you can see the design below:




November 2012:

My story was covered in the Canterbury Times following my campaign being broadcast on ITV News. Read the full story here.


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