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Name: Deborah
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Edmonton, London
Campaign: Raise awareness of the effects of psychosis

I have a condition known as psychosis, and have had this depression for a little over two years.


When I first experienced the symptoms, I had no idea what was going on. During my first episode, I was in a very low mood and I saw everything with multiple meanings. I was interpreting things that were nothing to do with me as things about me.


For example, I would watch the news and think that the news report was secretly about me. When coincidences occurred, I would think of them as logical occurrences.


My family sought help for me, and although I am still on medication, I am back to my usual self with no symptoms. My mind is a lot clearer these days and my doctor has started reducing the dosage I take.


However, I feel not enough people understand psychosis, or even know it exists. It is a tough thing to deal with, and I am hoping to raise awareness of the condition and encourage people who are experiencing the symptoms to seek help.

There is a great team behind me on this project who have helped with my film:

Jegiz Aziz Alex Rivers
Jack Harding Baboucarr Nigum
David Edwards Recka Begum
Alex Jones Ray Tavares
Amos Adejumo Joseph Marshall
Fiona Antoniades Jeanne Dillsworth
Edward Tombe Theresa Soave

Enfield and Edmonton Early Intervention Team

A team of mental health professionals, who are dedicated to helping people experiencing psychosis in the Enfield/Edmonton area. The Team has helped me throughout my Fixers project, by advising on my Fixers film script, being on set during filming, and attending all meetings.


Barnet Early Intervention Team

A team of mental health professionals, who treat people aged between 14-35 years of age, experiencing their first episode of psychosis, or those who are in the first three years of psychotic illness.


47/49 Tanner Street

I was able to screen my Fixers film at 47/49 Tanner Street.


Following the screening, Rosemary Slay, Partnership Director at 47/49 Tanner Street said: "I feel better able to diagnose symptoms of psychosis."


Chickenshed Theatre

The Chickenshed Theatre let us use their space to hold a meeting for our Fix.


Gor-Ray House Business Centre

The Gor-Ray House Business Centre allowed us to use some of their office space to shoot our Fixers film.

April 2013

I am in contact with various Early Intervention Service teams in my area to ask them to post my Fixers film on their website and use the film in their practices to engage people in a conversation about psychosis. (You can watch my Fixers film by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.)


27th February 2013

I met with fellow Fixers in London to screen our films to an audience of 40 people for the first time to engage the spectators in a dialogue about our respective Fixes. 


Here is some feedback from people who attended the screening:


Tunde: “A very thought provoking film, well put together and explained in a way that is easily related.”


Lisa: “Really eye opening. Raising awareness of this will better the lives for everyone who have or experienced or do come into contact with psychosis.”


Nazma: "I like the fact the film was shot from the view of the person that has the condition. Makes you really understand what the person is going through.”


Shauna: “I thought that it tackled a topic that needs more exposure. More people should be aware of the first signs of psychosis and the impact it has on people’s lives.” 


26th February 2013
I attended the official UK-wide Fixers launch at Westminster, London, and talked about my project with fellow Fixers and a group of MPs.


My film was also shown at the event, and I even cut the cake with celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott!




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