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Name: Georgina Trevor
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Bristol
Campaign: Raise support for young people who have elderly parents

I grew up in a slightly unusual family. On my first day of school I was walked to the playground clutching the hand of my father, then aged 73.


Growing up with an elderly parent opened my eyes to the idea of ageing, degeneration and death. I was obsessed with the concept as a child and would regularly check my Dad's breathing if he nodded off, just in case he didn't wake up. After a number or strokes he finally nodded off for good aged 83, when I was just 15 and my sister was 17. 


While I loved my father entirely - and feel very lucky to have had him in my live for 15-years - I still believe that spending my childhood and adolescence watching his mental and physical decline has shaped me, my relationships, and the way I see the world as an adult.


Through my fix I hope to open up this issue to other young people with elderly parents. I found little support in my teens and it was an issue many felt uncomfortable about.


Through a short documentary I hope to support young people, investigate the potential mental health implications for them, and encourage older parents to have open discourse with their children about what they will inevitably go through to help them deal with it.  

Thank you to Bryn Holding for helping me with this Fix.

The Psychology Associates:

Based near Plymouth, this group helped explain and contribute to my Fix in terms of the psychological impact living with a older parent can have.

Thurs 13th December 2012:
The Daily Mail feature my story in their Femail section.


My story is featured in the Exeter Echo.

Thurs 6th December 2012:

My piece is featured on ITV The Westcountry Tonight. You can watch the video here.


Weds 5th December 2012:

My story is featured in This is Devon.




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