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Name: Anthony Johnson
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Stockwell, London
Campaign: Raise community spirit

After seeing the London riots in 2011, the perception of young people changed, but not every view people held towards young people was right.


A lot of young people were disgusted with the mess created at the London riots and actually wished more could have been done in the community to stop the anger.


After the riots, lots of communities pulled together to fix the damage, and a lot of young people were involved in the clear up. This made me think – how can we keep community spirit high, and how can it continue into the future, no matter what happens?


I think that a lot of young people are not given credit for the work they do in a community, but they are invaluable to every community across the country.


That’s why I am making a website to get young people networking and doing things for their community, entitled the ‘League of Heroes’. Everyone can be a hero, and everyone has something to offer. From helping people cross the street, to house painting or street cleaning, young people are willing to get involved in their communities if there are opportunities.


And that is what this website is for – to pull heroic young people together and provide them with opportunities to help their neighbourhoods.

I'd like to thank Sofia Carisimo for helping me with this project.

January 2013

My Fixers website is now live! Check it out at leagueofheroes.org.


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