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Name: Jade Clement
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Poole, Dorset
Campaign: Warn of the effects of cannabis

Until a short time ago, I used to smoke cannabis.


I got into drugs through people at school. Some people I knew did it, so why couldn’t I? It all seemed like fun at first, trying something new and fitting in, but I could never anticipate the person I would become.


Sometimes I would just smoke weed in my bedroom, with the world passing by outside. I did not think anything was wrong, but it was causing my life to fall apart.


I lost all my friends, including some of my best friends, because I took drugs. When my family found out, I lost a lot of trust with the people I loved the most.


I was missing out on so much. Teenagers do not get told the blunt truth of drugs, but I have been through it and I want to show them that you can become a monster on drugs, and this hurts everyone around you.


Working with Fixers, I am producing a film warning of the dangers of cannabis use. It is destructive.


I want to show that while people are possibly curious, it is not worth the risk of taking the drugs. I want to take this project to parents and teachers also, to show them about drug misuse, because they can be very judgmental about drug abuse.


Drugs are not about gangsters and glamour. The real problem is addiction. It is not cool and big. It is dangerous and not worth getting involved in.

Here is a list of Fixers who helped me with my Fix:


Nicole Baker

Catherine Williams

Jack Dunford

Alex Wingrove

Elizabeth Grace Stefonec

Alex Willson

Meg Patric

Dorset Police:

The local police force are behind my project, and PC Geoff Calloway attended my first workshop:


'I think for Jade to be able to take her own personal experiences and pass them on to other young people is a very, very strong message.'



EDAS - Essential Drugs and Alcohol Support

A Dorset based charity who are supporting my project



Poole Young Adults Drug & Alcohol Service (YADAS)

After watching Jade’s initial presentation, Andy Holguette of Poole Young Adults Drug & Alcohol Service (YADAS) said:


'The important thing about Jade’s presentation today, it’s a young person telling her story - the best way for other young people to learn is though other young people.'



Stop Think Dorset
A collaborative partnership between Dorset Police, Dorset County Council, Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Poole to increase community confidence and cohesion



Bournemouth and Poole Youth Offending Service

A service which aims to prevent offending by children and young people



Creekmoor Youth Centre (Poole)

Thank you to all the staff who helped provide an area for my presentation, and thanks to all those who attended also.

July 2014
I visited Poole High School along with fellow Fixers Laura Whelam and Becky Hammerton to give a presentation to around 30 pupils.

Below is a photo of the three of us at the Poole High School event.


We each spoke about our projects and showed our Fixers films, receiving positive feedback.

Jill Kennedy, Assistant Head of Enrichment and Extended Learning at the school, said:

‘This is what our students needed to hear and how better it coming from young people who have gone through these issues themselves.’


June 2014

A story about my experiences with cannabis and my Fixers campaign was featured in Closer, a national weekly magazine. Click the link below to read.



I was interviewed on Sky News for a story about drug use among school-aged children. I discussed my experience with cannabis and the negative effects substance abuse can have on young people. Click the image below to read the full article and watch the video.


My story was also featured on Eagle Radio and Yahoo News.


November 2013

I was shortlisted for The Children’s Achievement Award at the Children and Young People Now Awards.

I attended a ceremony at The Hurlingham Club in London on Wednesday 27th November.

I didn’t win but I was one of the final four to be shortlisted in my category, which I’m proud of.


Me at the Children and Young People Now awards ceremony in London.


Meanwhile, the film about my campaign, which was broadcast on ITV News, was among nine Fixers films which won a Mind Media Award at the BFI in London.


Click here to read more about my achievement!


August 2013

I was delighted to receive the Diana award for being a 'courageous citizen'.


This is such an amazing honour. It makes me feel that all those dark times I went through were somehow worth it because now I am helping others and that has been recognised.



My friend Lizzie, who stared in my Fixers film is on the right, and I'm on the left holding the certificate and award.


April 2013

On the back of my initial presentation to 20 people, I have done three presentations to a total of nine young people about the dangers of drugs and, on each occasion, I have shown my Fixers film to the audience. These workshops have been set up with the help of the Essential Drug and Alcohol Service (EDAS).


Young people who have attended Jade’s workshops have said:


'I’ve never really thought about taking them, I don’t really want to, but after the story she told me, I definitely don’t want to.'


'Some of my friends smoke cannabis and I have been tempted to try it myself. Now I know what it can do to you, it makes me want to stay away from it even more.'


'It was very good as I know quite a few people who smoke it. She spoke about an experience - in school it’s just more or less facts about the drugs.'


PC Geoff Calloway also supported my project, saying:


'Jade's workshop was refreshing and reassuring. It was impressive to see her talk so openly and calmly about her experiences, and I really wish we could take her to talk to all the young people around the country who are addicted to drugs. I am sure her story-telling would encourage so many young people to stay away from drugs.'


Plans are in place for me to do further presentations alongside the Bournemouth and Poole Youth Offending Service but this is awaiting funding.


December 2012

I sent a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and her MP Robert Syms in light of a national debate concerning drugs law reform.


27th November 2012

With the help of the Bournemouth Youth Offending Service, I gave a series of presentations which debuted my film


3rd October 2012

My story was featured in the Bournemouth Echo. You can read the story here.

October 2012

My piece was featured on ITV Meridian News (W). You can rewatch this piece below in the links


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