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Name: Terri Gadsby
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2009
Location: Midlands
Campaign: Terri has her own experience of how drugs can take over your life...

I have used drugs in the past. I had a pretty difficult upbringing and started hanging around with people a lot older than me.


I was encouraged to start taking cocaine when I was only 14. My mum found out and did her best to help me but when you’re young you think you know best and you won’t listen to anyone else. I carried on taking cocaine and would tell myself that I wasn’t addicted when I clearly was and I couldn’t stop taking it. Two years later, I decided that I needed to sort my life out and that I couldn’t carry on the way I was going. Somehow I found the strength within me to stop taking cocaine and I did it on my own. It is one of my biggest achievements to date and I’m so pleased I managed to help myself out of that hole.


A few years later, I was in a girl band called De’votion and we got in touch with Fixers and asked to do a music video to go with the song we had produced about body image. This is something we all felt really strongly about and I believe that having low self esteem is something that can encourage young people to drink to much and take drugs.


The message behind the song and the video is that you have to feel good about yourself without feeling the need to glam up all the time.


I am hoping to do some work on vulnerable women and girls in street culture as this is something I have experienced myself. It’s definitely a ‘work-in-progress’ but I feel passionately about helping other women so hopefully I will get a project underway soon. 


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