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Name: Nathan McMahon
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2011
Location: West Sussex
Campaign: My friends and I made a film about the implications of taking ‘legal highs’

I used to take mephedrone, or meow-meow, on a regular basis. Then I began to see what it does to people, it wrecks lives.


Mephodrone is a so-called ‘legal high’. Some people think that ‘legal’ means ‘safe’, but they’re wrong. All it means is that it hasn’t been classified as illegal, maybe because it’s so new that it hasn’t been tested yet. Legal highs could actually be far more dangerous than illegal ones.

I got together with some mates, most of whom had also tried drugs, to make a short film encouraging young people to think twice before they take legal highs.


There are lots of films out there saying ‘don’t do drugs’, but our film isn’t preachy. Viewers will switch off if they think they’re only being shown one side of the story. Instead, we want to tell people, before they do it, to sit down, do some research on what they’re about to take and think about it properly.  Then they can decide whether they still want to do it.


There’s no doubt that taking drugs can make you feel good for a while, but it can also mess your head up and even kill you.


In our film we want to show both the good and the bad sides, and show that the bad sides outweigh the good sides in the end.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Laura Fitzsimmons

Celeste Philcox

Kynan Light

Keiron Harrington

Chanila Robinson

GG Kirkby


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