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Name: Lem Nelson
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2009
Location: Birmingham
Campaign: Changing the focus from gangs to talent

I grew up in the Handsworth area of Birmingham and so gang culture was something I was used to. I got roped into that way of life so I know what it can be like. I know 10 people who have been shot and 2 people who have lost their lives due to gang related issues.


I have realised that when young people have nothing to do, they hang around on the streets and get involved in gang life. If young people had more going on, there would be less gang culture.


In my opinion, it is all about ego. When ego’s are used in a negative way they turn into gang culture and negative street trends. So I decided I wanted to come up with something which young people could focus on to get them off the streets and with the help of Fixers I devised an idea for a community theatre workshop and performance.


Ego Theatre was all about channelling your ego into something powerful like performing arts rather than letting it get you into trouble. We held auditions in Birmingham and found a huge number of talented people, some with very similar backgrounds to me. I found that a lot of young people want to do something good with their lives, but they rarely get the opportunities. The project was a great success and I’m glad I was able to use my experiences to elevate other people and to help them get out of that gang culture.


I have now moved to London and am continuing my work in community theatre and hoping to put on a huge production one day!

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Asia Rai-Ferguson Ryan Gilbody
Bianca Kelly  
Kelly Felton Joshua Walker
Nicole Jones Kate Weiler
Ashley Cragg Chasnell Green
Chanelle Coleman Imani Coleman
Misha Graham Tezlin Newell-Harding
Tamar Dixon Kelly Dunnion
Jade Samuels Lalruatfely Hlawndo
Megan Ward Kezia Johnson
Rianne Talbott Elisha Howe
Yasmin Ka'Shai Badi Jasmin Ker
Rachel Longmore Crystal Duncan
Lauren Williams Saul Augustus-Dore
Tameka Stamp Joseph Pharoah
Jacob Akinsu Marika Bechford
Marika Bechford Sherelle Clarke
Jade Phillips Kiki O'Connell
Aaron Dale Cherise Hutchinson
Bethany Brown Becky Louise Cope
Joellah Williams  
Melissa Wright Kira Campbell
Shakira Badley Dale James
Scarlett McKinley Tauisha Watters
David Snape Bobette Kenge
Hannah Adesroge Claire Randle
Jerome Jenoure Nephieia Johnson
Salem Antoinev Leon McLean
Nadine Daniels Shireena Ingram
Dean Thomas Keiron Williams
Kyle Bell Yassa Amir
Nathaniel Hazel Andre Hesson
Shinese-Carvell Grandison Pheleba Johnson
Christian Makuta Inderjeet Janjuer
Reanna Kirwan Jerome Simpson
Rochelle Robertson Tramika Blackwood
Rebekah Edwards Darren Rose
Indu Janjua Jade Trotman
Lewes Barnett Rebecca Williams
Stuart Barbour Jennifer Uddin
Maniki Boulasi Terri Hope
Sarai Richards Marika Beckford
Ambre Langslow Emile Morant
Rochelle Robertson Chanelle Harvey
Ciao Gonzales Barnett Lewes
Lois Morris Chantel Blake
Dominic Ivery Farra Blake
Ismaeel Muhimin Michael Taylor
Tasha Pinnock Ayyesha Hussain


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