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Name: Hein Van Der Westhuizen
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Cumbria
Campaign: To warn young people about the dangers of drink and drugs

I live in a really rural part of the country in Cumbria where there’s not a lot for young people to do. Boredom is the main reason why people turn to drink and drugs around here.


To help tackle this problem, I am part of a group that runs workshops for young people in the local area. We try to raise awareness of health issues with a particular focus on drink and drugs. We realised that we needed the workshops to be as interactive as possible.


Our Fixers project was to make an interactive game, which would be fun to play but also inform young people about issues relating to them. Do you remember playing those fortune teller games at school? Well, we made our very own version of one of those! It starts out like a normal looking piece of paper but when you fold it up it becomes a hand-sized game that you can play with your mates!


Each corner of the paper object represents an issue and asks a question. For example: 'Drug taking results in approximately 2000 deaths a year in the UK, true or false?' Then that corner can be lifted to reveal the answer. In this case, it’s true.


This has been a really effective way of getting facts about health across to people and we’ve found that many of the young people have been really surprised by the answers. If it at least makes people think about what they’re doing then it’s worth it.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Laura Bunting Samson Borthwick
Joseph Sowerby Thomas Naomi Cropper
Jessica Shaw Sam Jackson
Romilly Calvert Joe Sowerby Thomas

Cathy Wynne, Public Health Partnerships

Thank you to Cathy for appearing in my broadcast piece to support my campaign, saying:


'When I heard about this project and I heard that young people were speaking to young people and taking up these issues together I was really encouraged by that.


'Our young people today are the adults of tomorrow, and unless we tackle these issues now, we're setting ourselves up for some really big health problems in the future.'


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