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Name: Gemma Riley
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Portsmouth
Campaign: Gemma and her mates at Catch 22 in Portsmouth created an ad campaign about binge drinking

While I was attending sessions at Catch 22 in Portsmouth - a service for young people who may need a little extra help in life - a group of us decided to do a Fixers project about binge drinking.


We all had experience of drinking, despite being underage, but we wanted to get the message out that you can go out, have a good time and have a few drinks, but need to think about the consequences.


Our Fixers campaign is called ‘Drink, Can You Handle It?’ to get young people to ask themselves if they can handle their drink or whether they don’t know when to stop.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Lewis Creese

Ben Cressey

Karen Smith

Nick Hiom

Danny Wegener

Adam Windebank

Hellen Smith

Yasmin McCue

Sarah McLean

Leah Rigby

Marcus Knights

Daniel Dermott

James Duffy

Emily Megan-Kelly

Carly Rainey

Liam Jenkins

Claire Ciani

Craig Henderson

Alistair Jeffers

Sam Hague

Jessica Pemberton

Gary Nash

Ash McCarthy

Sian Whelan

Rich Davis

John Hobson

Louis Creese

Megan Fifield

Carl Truscott

Mark Williams

Steph Fox

Daniel Paul

Joshua Thompkinson

Henry Pemberton

Eleanor Jane Parsons

Tyler Coleman

Danielle Pullen

Lauren Jeffery

Carl Patching

Robert Turner

Jasminn Proost

Justin Luke Mingham-Jackson















February 2011

We were really happy with the advertising campaign when it was finished.


The four films we produced for the 'Drink, Can You Handle It?' campaign turned out brilliant and have been viewed more than 1,500 times online!


We had a screening in Portsmouth and won an RTS Award for Best Non-Broadcast Programme.


Since the project, I have completed my apprenticeship through Catch 22 and have gone on to work in a nursery as well as being a part time, professional dancer in my spare time. At the moment, I am studying for a diploma in Children and Young People’s Workforce.


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