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Name: Andreas Kattou
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: Rugby
Campaign: I want people to give blood

In 2008, one of my cousins died at the age of 15 from a heart attack. It had such a huge effect on our family and I really wanted to do something to try and prevent other people going through the same thing.


A year later, in 2009, I was crowned Mr. England. I wanted to use the publicity to do something good and so I decided to campaign for more people to give blood. To think that by giving blood I could stop at least one other person from dying was so powerful that I think everyone should do it whenever possible.


According to the NHS, they need 7,000 units of blood every day and because blood only lasts 35 days, they need to get a regular supply to keep them going. When I gave blood for the second time, they told me that my blood could be used on three adults or up to seven children! I decided to make a film, with the help of Fixers, to support my campaign.


We produced a really hard hitting but comical advert about a man in the desert who won’t give up one of his eight bottles of water to a dying man. This is supposed to symbolize how people feel about their blood. People are reluctant to give their blood but all they need to give is one of the eight pints we all have in our bodies...and your body will replace it anyway.

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me with my Fix:


Joanna Zambas

Richard O'Donnell

Alex Brown

Tom Stephanou

Sam Skepton

Anthony Apostoloo

June 2011

I was honoured to attend the Big Summer Fix where I was congratulated by TV personality Gabby Logan and named a representative of my region.


To to see what Gabby Logan had to say about my campaign, click here.


Fixer Andreas Kattou with presenter Natalie Pinkham

at the Big Summer Fix


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