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Adam B

Adam B

Name: Adam Boniface
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2010
Location: North West
Campaign: Preventing sexual grooming of young people

A group of us decided to take part in a Fixers project and sat down to discuss what the subject of our project should be. We started by thinking of an issue that was becoming an increasing problem and that needed to be tackled in our local area, grooming.


Grooming was happening quite a lot in our area in the North West of England – we’d hear stories about young people being befriended by older adults and then being exploited. We really felt that we needed to get a message out there, not just about what grooming was but mainly to highlight the things to look out for. Often, instances of grooming would go unnoticed by the young person because they just see the person being friendly to them and don’t think anything bad is going to happen.


The film is animated and looks like a fairytale, however, the underlying message of the film is that grooming is anything but.


The main character in the animation is the princess character, and you see her get showered by gifts from her prince. It shows how easy it is for grooming to happen, and makes our film even more important in helping other young people to recognise the warning signs.

I'd like to extend my thanks to Nikita Greenwood and Allan Thompson for helping me with this Fix.


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