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Adeola Gbakinro

Adeola Gbakinro

Name: Adeola Gbakinro
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2019
Location: Bexley, London
Campaign: To encourage young people to seek out a mentor.

I didn’t know much about medicine, the field I wanted to go into when I was younger.


My first mentor was a doctor and he helped me a lot.


Later I had one who was in the corporate world  and my third mentor was a woman who worked for a start-up company.


They all gave me lots of useful information and they’d always be there for me, even if I wanted to talk about personal things.


It made me much more confident and made me realise the abilities I have.


One day I’d like to be a mentor myself. I know how much mentoring has helped me and I’d like to help other people.

I would like to thank the following people for helping me with this fix:


Akua Apeagyei

Cenjs Witt

Ludia Popat

Jemma Withlow

Sam Fuhes

Joshua Yaroo

Brennon Hedges

Chun Ho Kelvin Tsoi

Antonia Daniels

Freya Lampkin

Sarah Buncikova

Ekaterima Andonova

Havanna Greaves

Cloe Cook

Vivian Gajauhar

Louie Payne

Britney Sedge

Joe Cassidy

Orkan Tercemez

James Moore

Bianca Boranica

Daniel Pomat

Matt George

Brenda Fleming

Rag Dorego

Marilyn Uys

Rosa Chaney

Charlie Willis

Skye Powell

Adam Smith

Gabriel Fesaye

This project was funded by the Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust.


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