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Mary-Anne White and Lucy Wills

Mary-Anne White and Lucy Wills

Name: Mary-Anne White and Lucy Wills
Age: 27
Year of the Fix: 2018
Location: 27
Campaign: Manchester

We have both struggled with dermatillomania - derma for short - for a very long time and people constantly ask us what it is. 


It's a skin picking condition where you repeatedly pick your skin which causes damage. 


We want more people to be aware of it, and encourage other sufferers to know it isn't something to be ashamed of! 


Opening up to someone about it is the best start to recovery - please share our film and help other derma sufferers feel less alone. 



Thank you to the following fixers for helping us with our fix! 


Abby White

Tasie White

Suzie White

Shanen White 

Kirsty Wills

Thank you to the Tampon Tax Fund for supporting us with our fix! 


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