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Dhra Gandhi

Dhra Gandhi

Name: Dhra Gandhi
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2018
Location: Wembley, London
Campaign: To combat loneliness by encouraging people to talk more to each other

My friends and I volunteer at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead and we noticed many of the patients sometimes feel very lonely.


We decided to do a project about loneliness and how it relates to our own lives, because as teenagers we do sometimes feel quite lonely even when we have a lot of friends.


Fixers helped us design a series of posters designed to get people talking to each other. They feature topics such as street art, food, music and diversity.


We’re hoping to put them on the Tube where people usually sit in silence.


When we put them up at our school we found that younger pupils had conversations with older ones. It helped turn acquaintances into friends.

I would like to thank the following people for helping me with my fix:


Dori Malaveci

Brandon Obeng

Riley Fitzgerald

Paras Depala

Rahul Madan

Ami Raamid

Emily Bromfield

Sarina Shah

Emerald Grimshaw

Scott Stryker

Emily Turner

Panusha Isaacs

Eleanor Drummond

Oliver Queen

Ibrahim Mujahid

Safwaan Rahman

Olivia McDonald

Bedrya Saadedin

Grace Baby

Berivan Erden

Nabeeha Toufiq

Fawziah Begum


Special thanks to Jenny Todd and Desiree Benson at the Royal Free Charity for supporting me with my fix.


And to the Royal Free Hospital for funding this project.


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