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Jess Stoddard

Jess Stoddard

Name: Jess Stoddard
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2018
Location: Manchester
Campaign: To highlight the dangers of binge drinking.

In my gap year before university I worked in a night club and lived the kind of lifestyle that led to a lot of drinking. It was a very social job.


We would have drinks after work and then before we knew it, we were going out.


I slipped into a pattern of drinking heavily and drinking regularly, several nights a week.


Looking back, I know I was drinking to get drunk because that’s what everyone was doing, but it’s scary to look back on nights where I can’t remember what I’ve done or where I’ve been.


Nowadays, I don’t need to have loads of drinks, I can have one or two, have a boogie, go home or I’ll just have a sober night out because I’m not afraid to say no to alcohol.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Georgia Walters

Jamie Kellett

Linda Wachaga

Jodie Gall

Jake Morton

Aryan Bagha 

Maili Sikk

Martha Pryer

Amy Cheetham

Charlotte Hughes

Daniel McGee

Connor Hanley

Bobby Brandwood

Victoria Sarsfield

Harry Cannell

Liam Shaw

Harriet Roddick

Hannah Cody

Diane Hilton, from Change, Grow, Live. 


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