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Name: 'Jane'
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2018
Location: Cambridgeshire
Campaign: To urge professionals working with young CSE victims to treat them with respect

I was a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and abuse when I was 15.


After I reported it to the authorities, I didn't always feel like I was believed or listened to when dealing with adults in roles such as social workers, police officers and family support workers.


I was going through such a hard time anyway that this really didn't help.


If you open up to one professional and feel like they don’t believe you, it can make things even worse and causes unnecessary stress. 


It can lead a vulnerable young person to think, if they don’t believe me, why would anyone else? 


So I have made a film with Fixers to urge these sorts of professionals to treat all the young people they deal with respectfully.


I hope they will listen to my message and other young people will avoid similar negative experiences as a result.


 'Jane' is not the Fixer's real name.

The following Fixers helped me with my project:

'Stephanie' (not her real name)

My project has been supported by NWG.


The principal aim of NWG is to offer support and advice to those working with children and young people under 18 who are affected by abuse through sexual exploitation.


The charity's objective is to tackle child exploitation, in particular but not exclusively, by promoting, enabling, supporting and developing the protection of children and young people who are affected by sexual exploitation.

My film has already been shown to a number of professionals who support young people following CSE.  It received fantastic feedback, with comments including:


"This film is so powerful.  It's great that a young person is trying to change the way staff talk with young people."


"The film is so relevant and honest.  I look forward to sharing it."


"This has made me think about the way I communicate with young people; where I meet them and what I share with them.  This is definitely one to share with the rest of my staff team."


"The film highlights how difficult it is for young people to share and trust professionals, and how the little things can make a big difference."


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