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Mac Cook

Mac Cook

Name: Mac Cook
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Orkney, Northern Isles of Scotland
Campaign: To highlight the reality of life for teens in isolated communities

When I was 11 I moved from Birmingham to Orkney, a group of islands located ten miles north of mainland Scotland.

It was a massive culture shock for me. I had moved from a major city to a remote, rural community where nothing much ever changes.

There’s not much for young people to do here at all and public transport links are so poor that getting out to meet your friends can be really difficult.


Bus timetables are the bane of my life and then there’s the fact that my parents prefer me to stay in because they worry I might get involved in underage drinking or drug taking.

For me, social isolation is a very real issue.

We want the older generation on Orkney to see things from our perspective and improve life for teenagers. We are the future after all.

The following Fixers worked on this project with me:


Jeepstar Clewett

Lara Hales

Brandon Kirkness

Jacob Mowat

Zoe Carter

Tamlinn Geddes-Ward

Morgan Geddes-Ward

We would like to thank Lynn Bartlett from the Orkney Islands Council for supporting our Fix.


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