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Thirza Walton

Thirza Walton

Name: Thirza Walton
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Campaign: To help teachers to better understand life for young carers

I’ve been looking after my mum since I was six. Getting her out of bed and ready for the day, cooking meals, cleaning the house. When she’s having a bad day I help to bathe her.


I don’t mind at all but what does make me cross is the way some teachers have treated me in the past.


They didn’t believe I was actually a carer, in my opinion. They thought I was making it up because I didn’t want to do my homework. They’d call me a liar in front of the whole class.


Fixers has helped me to make a short film contrasting the life of a young carer with that of a normal teenager.


I hope teachers will see it and maybe realise they’ve got someone like me in their class – and go and talk to them. That would be great. 

The following Fixers helped me with this Fix


Catherine Paterson 

Sam Briggs

Millie Breedon

Thomas Costello

Abigael Wright

Lewis Woods, Brenda Walton and Jenny Ashcroft from Barnardo's supported me with this Fix. 


I would also like to thank Comic Relief for supporting me with this fix.


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Fixer hero

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