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Robyn Wimble

Robyn Wimble

Name: Robyn Wimble
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Croydon, London
Campaign: To encourage young people to open up about their mental health

I think my mental health problems came to light when I was about 14. I was in high school and I just wasn’t really dealing with the stress properly. 


I didn’t really talk about my depression until I went to college. When I opened up about my mental health issues it was scary, but once you talk to one person and they don’t treat you like you’re weird, you feel a lot better about yourself.


With Fixers we came up with the idea to do a short animation. 


Our project is about encouraging young people to open up about their experiences and their struggles with mental health.

The following Fixers helped us with this Fix: 


Nikki Mattocks

Megan Levine

Joshua Ingram

Andrea Baffour

Katy Mattocks

Jade Pope

Paul Louis Paterson

Matt Bailey

Allen Sproule

Eneless Phim

James Copper

Harvey Lee

Louis Jones

The following people supported me with this Fix: 


Richard Pacitti from Mind in Croydon

Louise Levine

Stuart Green

Linda Irene Brewer


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Fixer hero

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